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Pig out After Execise

In this video Hunter Grindle from Hybrid Fitness gives you advice on when the best time to pig out is. It would be right after exercise.

Have you ever got done with your workout and then after you just want to go home and pig out on whatever there is in your cabinets? I know how you feel. My name’s Hunter Grindle, I’ve helped over 100 women get stronger, lose weight, and become more confident through exercise, nutrition, and motivation.

Today’s tip, I want to tell you one of the best times to pig out because it’s very counter intuitive, right? You think, right after your workout that you should probably eat the healthiest, but in reality, that’s the time where you can eat the worst foods. Obviously you don’t want to go overboard with this, but after you work out, what happens is your insulin, the way your insulin works is it actually wants to burn more energy. Any food that you intake, especially carbs, it’s actually going to go and turn that into energy versus if you were doing it any other time during the day. If you had too many carbs, it would store that as fat. If you are going to eat a lot of pasta, a lot of carbs, do it right after your workout and there will be a lot less downside to it than if you had done it another time of the day when it wasn’t after your workout.

I hope you liked this tip. I’ve got 7 more tips like this that I want to send to you, to your email, absolutely free, in a little bit more detail. I’m going to send you a link, it’s actually right below, in the description, and I’m going to leave it at the end of my video. You go there, you send me your email, and I’m going to send you that 7 day jump start program. Anyways, I hope you liked this video and this tip, and I will talk to you soon. Take care. —- More Training Videos, Workouts, and Content!



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Have you Been Counting your Calories?

Have you been counting your calories and really watching what you eat,but you haven’t seen the results that you’ve wanted in your body weight?

Hi. My name’s Hunter Grindle. I’ve helped over 100 women get stronger, lose weight and feel more confident through exercise, nutrition and motivation. Today I want to talk to you about figuring out how many calories it takes for you to stay at your current body weight. It’s very important because if you don’t know that base line calorie level, also known as your basal metabolic rate (BMR) it’s very hard for you to make decisions on what you eat throughout the day to reach that goal that you want.

A very good rule of thumb is I want you to take your current body weight and multiply it by 15. If you weigh 100 pounds and you multiply it by 15, 1,500 calories would be your daily intake to remain at that bodyweight. This is a ballpark estimate. It might not be exact, but it’s a very good place to start. Pay attention by weighing yourself every week or a few times a week. Look at the fluctuations in your weight and that you can get closer to your exact caloric intake.

Of course, when your weight changes and you start losing weight or if you want to start gaining weight, then you need to make those adjustments and increase or decrease the amount of calories that you’re eating.

I hope you liked this tip, and if you’d like to get more free tips like this, I have a 7 day Jump Start Program that is absolutely free that will give you daily exercises, motivation, and nutrition. If you’d like to get your hands on this course, you can sign up at my website Just give me your email, and I’ll send it right to you! —- More Training Videos, Workouts, and Content!


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How to Burn Fat by Walking

Are you tired of walking hour after hour not burning enough calories that you want to burn?

My name is Hunter Grindle. I’ve helped over a 100 women get stronger, lose weight, and build confidence through nutrition, exercise, and motivation. I’ve got a quick tip for you that’s going to help you burn fat more when you walk. You’re not going to burn more calories, but what this will do is save you 20-30 minutes a day in your walking. When you go to sleep at night, you’re in a long fast. When you’re in a fast, you’re burning this thing called glycogen which is the sugar that is stored in your muscles which is used for energy.

Now when you walk during the day, right before you ever burn fat, you’re going to have to burn through all that glycogen in your muscles, but if you go to sleep and when you’re sleeping, you’re burning that glycogen throughout the night. When you wake up, that glycogen’s gone and you can go straight to fat burning. So what I want you to do is try walking now in the morning before you eat anything. Do that, and you’ll notice a difference.

I hoped you like this tip. If you’d like more tips like this, head over to my website where I will give you my 7 Day Jump Start Program for free. All you need to do is tell me what email address to send it to and you’ll get it instantly! —- More Training Videos, Workouts, and Content!


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How to Drink More Water at Work

In this video Hunter Grindle from Hybrid Fitness Systems
shows you ways to drink more water at work. Choose a water bottle and a goal on how much you want to drink in a day. —- More Training Videos, Workouts, and Content!


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How To Keep Yourself Accountable In Your Diet

Hey, Hunter Grindle here from In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to keep yourself accountable when it comes to nutrition. We talk about exercise a lot. Yes, that’s important, but when you’re talking about weight loss and really making changes in your body as far as losing weight, losing fat, nutrition is by far the most important thing. It’s very hard to keep yourself accountable as you know, and if you haven’t developed the right habits, you’re going to have a hard time to start cutting things out.

One thing you can do is find someone. Find a mentor or find someone who knows a little bit about nutrition, about eating healthy. Every time you go out to eat or go to the grocery store, I want you to save your receipt, and I want you to send that person a screenshot of your receipt. That way they can look at it. They can be, “All right, I saw you got the Twinkies. I saw you got all the bad stuff,” or, “Oh, I saw you got some vegetables here.” That’s just a good way of keeping yourself accountable.

I hope you like that tip. If you’d like to see more free tips or videos like this, I’ve got tons of them. Just go ahead, go to link at the end of this video. At the [inaudible 00:01:19] end of the video, I’m also going to give you my seven-day free Jump Start challenge. That’s just going to give you … Each day in your email, you’re going to get a motivational tip, nutritional tip, and a daily exercise for you. I know it’s hard to get started working out, but you go to that link. You’re going to get that for free right to your email. I’m going to help you get started and get that momentum going.

I hope you like this video, and I’ll talk to you soon. Take care. —- More Training Videos, Workouts, and Content!


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7 Tips to Avoid Crashes After Lunch

In this video Hunter Grindle from Hybrid Fitness Systems shows you seven ways to avoid crashing during the day!

1. Don’t eat processed carbs
2. Drink enough water
3. Go to bed on time
4. exercise
5. Don’t wear too many clothes
6. Drink coffee at lunch
7. splash yourself with water!! —- More Training Videos, Workouts, and Content!




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3 Awesome Breakfast Foods to Stop Cravings

Eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bad…

In this article, you’ll learn about some great recipes you can use that will help stop cravings today!


Starting off your day with a high protein diet will help reduce cravings later on?

Eating a protein-rich breakfast helps boost the levels of dopamine inside your brain, which regulates food cravings throughout the day. Protein will also keep your blood sugar levels in par, so insulin spikes won’t be as volatile.

If you want a healthy, fulfilling breakfast that will surely leave you feeling energized, then these protein packed breakfast options are perfect for you!

1. Vegetable Omelet


Eggs supply complete protein while a small amount of veggies gives you a fat-free, low-calorie boost of nutrition.
With its protein content, an omelet breakfast will feel more satisfying leading to feeling fuller longer, translating to a lower food intake throughout the day!

Mushroom and Tomato Omelet: Combine 4 egg whites with one egg and beat gently. Using a cooking spray, cook eggs in a non-stick pan. Once the egg begins to take form along the edges, add 1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese, 1/2 cup sliced mushrooms and 1/2 chopped tomato in the center of the omelet. Cook until eggs are set and fold over. CALORIES: 256; PROTEIN: 36 grams. *This recipe can also add peppers, onions, and spinach too!

2. Eggs Baked in Avocado


Although avocados are high in fat content, they are also nutrient packed and a great way to add healthy fat to your diet.
Avocados have a higher percentage of protein than other fruit, about 4 grams.
Providing essential nutrients, eggs are extremely delicious and an excellent source of protein.

Baked Eggs and Avocado: Cut the avocado in half and remove the pit, scrape out the center to accommodate a small/medium egg. Season the avocado halves with salt and place on a baking sheet. Fill each halved avocado with one egg. Bake 15 minutes, or until each half is set. Remove from oven, allow to cool, slightly 5 minutes, then sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper and garnish with salsa. CALORIES: 212.3; PROTEIN: 7.4 grams. *This recipe can also add freshly chopped chives, or sprinkle with bacon bits on those cheat days!

3. Greek Yogurt

Loaded with calcium and plenty of protein, this yogurt is both creamy and tangy. With nearly twice as much protein as regular yogurt, Greek Yogurt will keep you feeling full throughout your morning!

One of the better nutritional factors of Greek yogurt is that it is very low in sodium!

Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowl: In a small skillet, toast 1 teaspoon of tandoori spice or curry powder, stirring, until very fragrant, about 2 minutes. Remove from heat, add ¼ cup of honey and stir. Now, divide 2 cups of 2% plain Greek yogurt among 4 bowls. Drizzle with spiced honey; top with ½ cup all-natural granola, 1 cup of fresh berries, 1 cup freeze-dried mango, pineapple and/or berries. Varnish with a few small sprigs fresh cilantro and serve! CALORIES: 227; PROTEIN: 11 grams. * Makes 4 servings (serving size: ½ cup of yogurt, 1 tbsp. honey, ½ cup of fruit).


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12 Ways to Eat Salsa Without Chips

If you’re anything like me… you LOVE salsa and chips… but we all know that chips aren’t the healthiest. So, here are 12 healthy alternatives to chips, tasty are not, that you can try for yourself! Enjoy!

1. Fennel Anise Bulbs

Fenouil Bulb

These watery bulbs make a great replacement for chips when it comes to enjoying some delicious salsa. They are low in calories, high in potassium, and high in folic acid, which helps maintain healthy blood and a healthy immune system. Their texture is crunchy, and slightly sweet, so this isn’t just a healthy alternative… it’s a tasty one too!

2. Belgium Endive Leaves

Endive Leaves

Crunchy with a slightly bitter taste, endive leaves are a very low-calorie alternative that is a great source of B-Complex Vitamins as well as minerals.

3. Carrots


Although carrots are crunchy and healthier than chips, these aren’t the best tasting with salsa in my opinion. However, they are extremely cheap and quick to grab, so that is why carrots made the list.

4. Slices of Bell Peppers

Red Bell Pepper

Bell Peppers, with their tangy taste and crunchy texture, are an excellent alternative to chips. They contain high amounts phytonutrients, which help fight off free radicals. Green and purple peppers tend to be more bitter than red, orange and yellows, which can be sweet and even fruity.

5. Sliced Chicken

Sliced Chicken

Imagine a chicken quesadilla without the tortilla. That’s what your getting with this option (my personal favorite). Chicken is one of the leanest meat sources out there, and packs a lot of protein to help maintain muscle mass and curb your appetite! Although it’s higher in calories than the other options, it is made up by it’s high nutrition value!

6. Romaine


Surprisingly enough, romaine is 17% protein, contains more Vitamin A than a carrot, and provides calcium as well as Vitamin K.The closer to the stalk you get, the the crisper the lettuce is and makes for a much better “chip”.

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Healthy Meal Ideas for College Students

If you want to get away from the school cafeteria a bit, and have a place where you can prepare quick meals, than this article is for you.

I will outline several of my favorite recipes in this article, and the full descriptions can be found at the link at the bottom.

NOTE: These Recipes are for those who are open to different foods (these are not traditional recipes)

Recipe 1: Chorizo Sweet Potato Chili

I’ve always been a big fan of chili – I love any food that is spicy, but what I really like about this recipe is it’s not only extremely healthy for you, it’s delicious.

*Quick Tip* Spicy Foods Help Increase Your Metabolism

The sweet potato provides tons of great carbohydrates for you, and the beans give you healthy fats. which will leave you full and relieving you of snack cravings later on.

Recipe 2: Chunky Lentil and Vegetable Soup

Okay, I’m kind of a sucker for chilis, soups, and stews. Coming from a cold climate, I always like a hot dish that will warm me up during the winter months. However, this dish provides you with a great variety of different foods, and a lot of food too. It’ll leave you feeling stuffed AND feeling good about the healthy food choice you just made.

Recipe 3: One Pot Sausage & Mushroom Pasta

Pasta isn’t the best dish for you if you’re trying to drop the pounds, but I had to throw this one in. Who doesn’t love pasta and red sauce right?

You can make a huge amount of this in one session of cooking, and bring it back to your dorm and stick in your fridge for later. This is great to share with your friends on your dorms (especially if their scavengers).

You can find more recipes and the actual recipe descriptions at the link below!