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Fish Oil: Why Omega-3 is Better Than Omega-6

Fish oils are a staple of many people’s diets, but you have to know WHICH you should be taking. In this video, Hunter Grindle of Hybrid Fitness discusses why omega-3 fish oil is better than omega-6, and other options. Omega-6 oils have many bad side effects, such as inflamation. These side effects outweigh the benefits…

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Tour of the NEW GYM

It’s finally here! Although still a work in progress, finally see our new gym in all of its glory! In this video, Hunter Grindle shows off the new gym located on Main Street in Thomaston, Maine. This gym will be open soon for monday classes. We also want to thank all of you who contributed…

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Learn To Make Sacrifices for YOURSELF

While sleep and free time are good, there are always things you can do instead to make yourself happier. Learn how to make these sacrifices. In this video, Hunter Grindle of Hybrid Fitness discusses a recent night he had where he learned how to make certain sacrifices to better himself and make himself happier. Not…

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