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Burn Fat and Improve Muscle Endurance

In this video, Hunter Grindle of Hybrid Fitness Systems walks you through a Cardio Circuit (No Running Involved) to help you improve your muscular endurance and burn fat. In this workout, there are 2 exercises: 1. Kettlebell Swing 2. Seal Jumping Jacks For Kettlebell Swings, use sets of 15 reps. For Seal Jumping Jacks, use…

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Bar Position In The Bench Press

In this video, I talk about where to position the barbell in the bench press movement. There a lot of different variations of the bench press, but some put more strain on the shoulders (especially the rotator cuff). If your main goal is to gain strength, then you will want to make sure you position…

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12 Ways to Eat Salsa Without Chips

If you’re anything like me… you LOVE salsa and chips… but we all know that chips aren’t the healthiest. So, here are 12 healthy alternatives to chips, tasty are not, that you can try for yourself! Enjoy! 1. Fennel Anise Bulbs These watery bulbs make a great replacement for chips when it comes to enjoying…

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