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Pig out After Execise

In this video Hunter Grindle from Hybrid Fitness gives you advice on when the best time to pig out is. It would be right after exercise.

Have you ever got done with your workout and then after you just want to go home and pig out on whatever there is in your cabinets? I know how you feel. My name’s Hunter Grindle, I’ve helped over 100 women get stronger, lose weight, and become more confident through exercise, nutrition, and motivation.

Today’s tip, I want to tell you one of the best times to pig out because it’s very counter intuitive, right? You think, right after your workout that you should probably eat the healthiest, but in reality, that’s the time where you can eat the worst foods. Obviously you don’t want to go overboard with this, but after you work out, what happens is your insulin, the way your insulin works is it actually wants to burn more energy. Any food that you intake, especially carbs, it’s actually going to go and turn that into energy versus if you were doing it any other time during the day. If you had too many carbs, it would store that as fat. If you are going to eat a lot of pasta, a lot of carbs, do it right after your workout and there will be a lot less downside to it than if you had done it another time of the day when it wasn’t after your workout.

I hope you liked this tip. I’ve got 7 more tips like this that I want to send to you, to your email, absolutely free, in a little bit more detail. I’m going to send you a link, it’s actually right below, in the description, and I’m going to leave it at the end of my video. You go there, you send me your email, and I’m going to send you that 7 day jump start program. Anyways, I hope you liked this video and this tip, and I will talk to you soon. Take care. —- More Training Videos, Workouts, and Content!



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