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Why You Haven't Achieved your Goals —- More Training Videos, Workouts, and Content!


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Do Whats Hard When it's Easy —- More Training Videos, Workouts, and Content!



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The Best Exercises for Fat Loss —- More Training Videos, Workouts, and Content!


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Why you Haven't Progressed As Much as You'd Like

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Food Review: Quaker Rice Cakes Chocolate Crunch

After a long night out last night watching our local high school basketball team upset the defending state champions and break a 40 game win streak, I was exhausted. I got home around 12:15am, and had set my alarm for 7:00am.

To my surprise in the morning, I woke up on my own. At 11am!

I looked to my phone and it was in setup mode… and after further investigating I learned that my iphone decided to update itself overnight!



The worst part was, I had a personal training client at 8:00am.

Check out this text I got….

lucky text

As you can see, I didn’t reply until later when I woke up…

So, I got lucky!

But I was still behind on a lot I needed to get done in the day.

I walked into the kitchen, and found one of these puppies…

Actually, I don’t have a picture because I ate them all.

But it was a Quaker Rice Cake, Chocolate Crunch!

MMM these are good. And they were quick which was just what I was looking for.

After eating about 3, and working at the same time, I started to notice very quick how it’s easy to eat a lot and not even know it.

I was working on my computer, and throwing down rice cakes…

and I didn’t even know I was doing it until about three cakes in.

So, next thing I did was look at the nutrition facts to see what I had just unintentionally eaten like a madman. And this is also where I got the idea to write this for you!

Quaker Rice Cake Review


So, I ate 3 rice cakes.

If we look at the label, we can see that 1 serving is 1 cake.

There are 60 calories per serving, so that’s 180 calories total.

There was 1g of protein per serving, I had 3g of protein total, which is a total of 12 calories from protein

There was 1g of fat, and I had 3g total, so that would give me 27 fat calories. However, the label marks that there were actually 10 fat calories per serving, so I am going to use that. So I had a total of 30 fat calories.

And if there are 10 fat calories and 4 protein calories in one cake, that must mean the rest are carbohydrates.

Here’s a quick summary of my snack that I had:

  • 180 total Calories
  • 30 Fat Calories
  • 12 Protein Calories
  • 138 Carbohydrate Calories

Now, let’s look at the ratio of fat, carb, and protein I ate.

  • 17% Fat
  • 7% Protein
  • 76% Carbohydrate

Based off of my goals (to add lean muscle mass), this is not a macro-nutrient ratio (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) that I want to be eating in.

In order for me to build lean muscle, on lifting days I want to eat:

  • 50% Carbohydrates
  • 30% Protein
  • 20% Fat

Let’s take a look at how I feel

It’s about 20-30 minutes after I’ve eaten these as I write this right now, and I feel a little hypoglycemic. However, I’m not really craving any foods right now. I am really craving water actually. This could be because I haven’t drank anything since I woke up today, or because of the what I ate.

Now obviously I could get way more specific with this breakdown of this food and what I ate, but I want to keep it very simple for today.

Ratios are important

It’s important that you know what ratio you want to eat your macro-nutrients in based off of your goals.

If you don’t there’s no way of knowing what types of foods to eat, and you’re basing your decisions solely off of calories.

Ratios will also help keep your blood sugar level in check, which is extremely important when it comes to losing, or gaining weight. And of course feeling good.

How do I react?

If you noticed, I haven’t called myself any bad names for eating a food that made me feel iffy…I simply have broken down, analyzed it, and determined that this moved me away from my goals of muscle building rather than moving me closer to it. I want you to try that same approach the next time you do something you don’t like.

What could I have done differently?

I could have looked in my fridge to see if there was a healthier choice that I could have made. I looked after and I found some guacamole. I could have had that with tortilla chips and based of experience I know I would feel better, that would have gotten me more calories which I should have.

What ratio is best for you?

Depending on your goal, the ratios change. I’m going to be going over this more soon in my nutrition program coming soon!


The point of this blog post was to give you an idea of how you can evaluate how you ate in particular meal. Never react emotionally and call yourself a name! Just look at it logically and figure out how eating what you did made you feel, did it move you toward your goal, and how can you improve if you didn’t.

I hope you liked this!


Hunter Grindle



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How to Make Lemonade with Lemons – Use Feedback to Your Advantage

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Pig out After Execise

In this video Hunter Grindle from Hybrid Fitness gives you advice on when the best time to pig out is. It would be right after exercise.

Have you ever got done with your workout and then after you just want to go home and pig out on whatever there is in your cabinets? I know how you feel. My name’s Hunter Grindle, I’ve helped over 100 women get stronger, lose weight, and become more confident through exercise, nutrition, and motivation.

Today’s tip, I want to tell you one of the best times to pig out because it’s very counter intuitive, right? You think, right after your workout that you should probably eat the healthiest, but in reality, that’s the time where you can eat the worst foods. Obviously you don’t want to go overboard with this, but after you work out, what happens is your insulin, the way your insulin works is it actually wants to burn more energy. Any food that you intake, especially carbs, it’s actually going to go and turn that into energy versus if you were doing it any other time during the day. If you had too many carbs, it would store that as fat. If you are going to eat a lot of pasta, a lot of carbs, do it right after your workout and there will be a lot less downside to it than if you had done it another time of the day when it wasn’t after your workout.

I hope you liked this tip. I’ve got 7 more tips like this that I want to send to you, to your email, absolutely free, in a little bit more detail. I’m going to send you a link, it’s actually right below, in the description, and I’m going to leave it at the end of my video. You go there, you send me your email, and I’m going to send you that 7 day jump start program. Anyways, I hope you liked this video and this tip, and I will talk to you soon. Take care. —- More Training Videos, Workouts, and Content!



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Have you Been Counting your Calories?

Have you been counting your calories and really watching what you eat,but you haven’t seen the results that you’ve wanted in your body weight?

Hi. My name’s Hunter Grindle. I’ve helped over 100 women get stronger, lose weight and feel more confident through exercise, nutrition and motivation. Today I want to talk to you about figuring out how many calories it takes for you to stay at your current body weight. It’s very important because if you don’t know that base line calorie level, also known as your basal metabolic rate (BMR) it’s very hard for you to make decisions on what you eat throughout the day to reach that goal that you want.

A very good rule of thumb is I want you to take your current body weight and multiply it by 15. If you weigh 100 pounds and you multiply it by 15, 1,500 calories would be your daily intake to remain at that bodyweight. This is a ballpark estimate. It might not be exact, but it’s a very good place to start. Pay attention by weighing yourself every week or a few times a week. Look at the fluctuations in your weight and that you can get closer to your exact caloric intake.

Of course, when your weight changes and you start losing weight or if you want to start gaining weight, then you need to make those adjustments and increase or decrease the amount of calories that you’re eating.

I hope you liked this tip, and if you’d like to get more free tips like this, I have a 7 day Jump Start Program that is absolutely free that will give you daily exercises, motivation, and nutrition. If you’d like to get your hands on this course, you can sign up at my website Just give me your email, and I’ll send it right to you! —- More Training Videos, Workouts, and Content!


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How to Burn Fat by Walking

Are you tired of walking hour after hour not burning enough calories that you want to burn?

My name is Hunter Grindle. I’ve helped over a 100 women get stronger, lose weight, and build confidence through nutrition, exercise, and motivation. I’ve got a quick tip for you that’s going to help you burn fat more when you walk. You’re not going to burn more calories, but what this will do is save you 20-30 minutes a day in your walking. When you go to sleep at night, you’re in a long fast. When you’re in a fast, you’re burning this thing called glycogen which is the sugar that is stored in your muscles which is used for energy.

Now when you walk during the day, right before you ever burn fat, you’re going to have to burn through all that glycogen in your muscles, but if you go to sleep and when you’re sleeping, you’re burning that glycogen throughout the night. When you wake up, that glycogen’s gone and you can go straight to fat burning. So what I want you to do is try walking now in the morning before you eat anything. Do that, and you’ll notice a difference.

I hoped you like this tip. If you’d like more tips like this, head over to my website where I will give you my 7 Day Jump Start Program for free. All you need to do is tell me what email address to send it to and you’ll get it instantly! —- More Training Videos, Workouts, and Content!


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Jumping Jack Challenge – "Home Workout For Women Without Equipment"

In this video Hunter Grindle from Hybrid Fitness challenges you to do the Jumping Jack challenge

There are five types of Jumping Jacks that you need to do:
1. the X jack
2. the Seal Jumping Jack
3. The Classic jumpin jack
4. The Cross Country Jumping Jack
5. The shoulder Press jumping jack