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Finding Your Success Triggers

Good Morning!

I am so happy right now. It is so sunny and warm. I can’t believe how much of a difference the sunshine makes!

We had our social media meeting today and Emma and Sydney sat outside while they worked on some of our posts for this week!

While thinking of what I was going to write about today, I remembered an old video that I never published that Melissa and I made.

We talk about “Success Triggers”.

Success triggers are those few things that, if you do them each day they will set you day up for success.

A lot of these times, these triggers help move us from a reactive state (reacting to every crazy thing life throws at us) to a controlled state.

One of Melissa’s success triggers is laying out her outfit for the next day the night before.

If she does that, its one less thing she has to do in the morning. She feels less rushed to get to work, and feels good about herself because shes wearing what she wanted to. It wasn’t thrown together at the last second.

My success triggers are getting plenty of sleep the night before, and listening to an audio book early in the day.

If I do those two things, my day is going to be super productive. My mood will be great, and everything else falls into place.

So take a second to figure out…

What are your success triggers?

Why aren’t you doing them as much as you’d like?

What changes can you make to do them more consistently.?

I hope this helps!

These types of techniques is what we’ll being doing a lot of in our Personal Development / Nutrition Challenge starting this Friday. We are going to meet every week for 6 weeks, and really dive into what it will take to stick to your goals and your plans to achieve those goals. I am closing down the registration tonight, we have 4 spots left!

If you’d like to sign up, check out for more information.

Have a Magnificent Monday!

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