Beautiful U Challenge


“I Stress Eat and I can’t stop.”

“I catch myself eating when I didn’t even realize I was.”

“I Just Don’t Have Any Willpower Anymore, and feel helpless.”

“I know how to eat healthy, I just can’t get myself to do it.”

These are a few of the quotes I’ve heard countless times when I sit down for goal setting sessions with new clients at my gym.

If any of these quotes ring a bell with you, make sure to keep reading.

Because over the past year and a half of working with over 400 men and women looking to transform their health, habits, and bodies…

My team and I have found a method that works consistently for those who follow through with it.

And thats the key right?

“Following through with it”

Because there are tons of diets out there that will work.

And although I completely agree that there are diets that are unsustainable, unsafe, and irresponsible… I would also agree that the diet is only one part of the problem.

And its not the bigger part.

My mentor once told me, “It’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian”.

Who you are is much more important than the diet you are on.

I understand it can be extremely difficult to stick to something for long periods of time when you have priorities like work, family, errands, etc.

Eating healthy can be costly and take a lot of time if you don’t have the proper plan to follow.

But imagine…

If you knew exactly how you could spend the same or less amount of $ on healthy foods…

Spend the same or less time cooking and preparing meals for you and your family.

And having foods for your family that everyone liked, so you didn’t have to cook two separate meals.

Wouldn’t that make life way easier?

Of course it would.

And it would also improve your health tremendously, in more ways than just one.

In a second, I’m going to show you exactly how  members of my gym have been able to do these things consistently, and see improvements not only in their health and eating habits, but every part of their lives.

But before we get to that, I want to address just 1 thing.

I’m not here to sell you a diet…

I’m not here to sell you something I don’t use myself.

And I’m certainly not here to sell you any weight loss supplement that has ridiculous promises.

I am here though… to sell you an idea.

The idea that there is always a way.

That you can have your cake and eat it to.

That as long as you believe that you can do something, there is a solution to that problem.

And as soon as you commit to believing that idea, you will be ready to take the first step to stopping yo yo diets forever, and allowing yourself to have the health, confidence, and life you deserve.

So are you ready?

Can you commit to that idea?


There are 3 rules that you’ll need to follow to change your habits for the long-term.

  1. Exploration
  2. Integration
  3. Duplication

1. Exploration is when you look deep into yourself to find what your deepest motivators are. Why do you take the actions you take? Why do you think the thoughts you think?

This is the bread and butter why we’ve been able to help so many people with their health.

Remember, it’s not the arrow, its the Indian!

2. Integration is when you eliminate the thought of Work, Family, Health balance and integrate them all into one. There are not enough hours in the day live 3 separate lives. This allows you to work on all 3 of these at the same time. This will save a lot of time.

3. Duplication is the rule of following those who have what you want, or following someone who’s helped people get what you want. Having a mentor and someone to look to, who knows the obstacles you will face before you get there, is a key to success. This is when the “arrows” come in.

By using these 3 rules, we can help you achieve not only your nutrition goals, but any goals that you have.

So what I have done with my team here at Hybrid Fitness, is packaged everything effective we have learned and used for our members into one, easy to follow system.

We call the system, “BeYOUtiful U”.

“BeYOUtiful U” helps you become the absolute best version of yourself.

It focuses on transforming your thoughts and habits so you can make any changes in your life that you want, including nutrition.

And we are holding a “BeYOUtiful U” 6-week challenge in just a few weeks!

Here’s what you’ll learn from the challenge:

  • How to motivate yourself to do anything
  • How to stick to your goals
  • How to achieve your goals and set new ones
  • How to cook and eat efficiently, effectively, and tasteful while changing your body from the inside out.

This will all be achieved through

  • Weekly Group Meetings at Hybrid Fitness
  • Inbody BodyFat Measurements on Week 1 and 6 of the challenge
  • An Online Accountability Group with Daily Action Steps / Motivation
  • A Guide to follow along the way


Weekly Meetings

These meetings will be an hour long once a week, and will give you the opportunity to work with others who are going through the same process you are, which coaches working with you by your side.

We will be able to work with you individually on your goals, but also help you overcome the specific roadblocks you find along the way.

We will give you strategies to overcome them in the presentations for those meetings.

InBody Scans

The InBody is an amazing tool that allows us to see the entire picture of how your body is changing. The traditional scale does not give you relevant information on how you are progressing. Unfortunately, it has been programmed into all of our minds that the # on the scale matters more than it actually does.

The InBody Scale will tell us exactly how much muscle you have in your body, how much water, and how much fat.

We will also be able to identify the exact amount of calories you need for your body. It won’t be estimated by online calculators.

Online Accountability Group

The online group will give you daily tactics and motivation to guide you along this 6 week challenge. This will keep your head in the right place each and every day.

Nutrition Guide

We will provide you with a guide to follow so you know exactly what you need to do for the 6 weeks when it comes to eating.

The goal of this is to help you develop the habits necessary to carry you beyond the six weeks.


Imagine if you were able to stick to your goals and work at them consistently in the long term.

What changes would you have seen if you learned how to do that 1 year ago?

What patterns will you continue to see happen if you don’t learn how to stick to your goals today?

What new things and experiences could you enjoy by reaching your goals and having your health improving?

Really take the time to imagine what learning these principles would mean to you, your family, and your health.


The cost for this 6 week challenge is $199. If you’re a member at Hybrid Fitness, it is $149.

For every non member that you bring who signs up, both you and that person get $50 off. (This will be reimbursed to you after you sign up)

We will be having our meetings on Fridays from 5:15-6:15. You will be provided with recordings of the meetings as well.

If you dont want to participate in the meetings, you can still be be a part of the challenge for $99.

We only have 40 spots total available, and only 20 spots available for the weekly meetings.

We will be starting the Challenge Friday Night April 14th at 5:15pm, and finishing Friday Night, May 19th. We will contact you to schedule your InBody Scan.

To Sign up, click your option below and we’ll follow up with you on what steps to take next!


If you are a member of Hybrid Fitness, use coupon code SMALLSTEPS to get your discount.


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