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You all have to hear this message…

You are enough.

I want you to really think about that.

You are ENOUGH.

When we start on a wellness path (joining a gym, starting a nutrition plan, meditating, doing yoga, etc.) there is a lot of attention to change and improvement. This quest for the best versions of ourselves sometimes carries the implication that we are not enough. We put this condition in the equation. I want to obtain X, and then I will be complete. If this sounds like your equation, I invite you to remember at this moment you are the sum of all of your experiences and all that make you unique; and that is enough. Enough is not a destination. Enough doesn’t happen when you lose weight, run faster, lift more, or eat less. Enough is now. Why is this important? Because so many of you just read those words and said, “Well, maybe but…if only I were____.”

It’s this tiny dialog in the backs of our minds that erode our self worth, create doubt, and cloud our heads with negative judgments about ourselves. And that negativity can create an emotional obstacle to our dream destination. It is hard to make yourself a priority when there’s a tiny voice saying you are not worthy. Before you can move forward on your path, you have to value yourself, as you are. We are in a constant state of growth and progression, and no one is ever complete or perfect. We start as enough and grow to an even better version of ourselves. If we count on becoming enough each time we reach a new goal, enough will elude us forever.

What do I know about being enough? Well, I was notorious for my arbitrary 10 pound line. It looked like this: I’d like to lose 10 pounds. You should see the list of plans I have for when I lose 10 pounds. I’m going to be so busy! But then I lost 10 pounds, and I wasn’t finished. I made new plans. People would compliment me, and I would say, “It’s a work in progress; I’m not done.” I realized I kept assigning value to this arbitrary place that I would get to and then I’d be complete; then I’d be enough. One day Hunter took my picture for the front of the gym. I asked if we could wait until I lost 10 pounds, but there wasn’t time to wait. And that is when the switch flipped for me. This moment in time I am who I am, and I am enough, just as I am. I am not going to arrive at a magical place and be perfect. My starting point is enough, and that is the magic. Now as I grow and evolve, I become an improved version of myself.

I want this for all of you, because I’m so happy being enough! I don’t have that tiny voice in my head judging me or deciding if I am worthy. With those obstacles removed, my wellness path is clear, and I can enjoy the journey. Enough said.

Some helpful tips on being enough:

Remember that you are unique. You do you better than anyone else. Don’t compare yourself to others. Love yourself unconditionally. Being enough is the starting point. Your destination is growth. And finally, say it out loud, “I AM ENOUGH.” (No really, try it!)

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