Easy Hack For Better Sleep At Night

Good Morning!

For a long time I struggled with sleep, and it’s still something I still battle with on occasion….

However, a lot of methods that I’ve tried in the past for better sleep only worked for a short amount of time, or didn’t work at all.

I’ve tried melatonin. For me, it takes a lot of time to kick in and I don’t want to be dependent on taking anything for sleep.

I’ve tried using an acupuncture mats before bed, but I really didn’t notice an effect even after doing it consistently for 2 weeks. I was also tired of having holes in my entire body.

I’ve tried reading before bed, and that worked wonders. However, I wasn’t retaining any of the information I was reading.

Now I think I’m onto something. After trying all of those methods, this trick will not only wind you down and relax you after a long day, it will save you time in the morning before work.

The trick is – showering before bed with the lights off.

Turning all of the lights off and not being able to have access to your phone or anything other than warm water hitting your face works. The heat relaxes your body and by the time your shower is done, you’ll be dragging yourself to bed. Just make sure you’re careful and don’t slip.

If you’ve been restless at night, give this a try, and let me know how this works for you!

Have a Super Saturday!


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