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"I Feel Crappy Because I'm at the Bottom of the Class"

If you feel like you’re never doing good enough, you need to watch this video.

“I Feel Crappy Because I’m at the Bottom of the Class”

There is one thing I cannot stress enough about how to go about your exercise program… and that is…

You CANNOT compare yourselves to other people.

Unless you are competing in a sport, there is no need to compete!

We refer to the need to always do better than other people as “Keeping up with the Jones’s”.

Unfortunately, there will always be someone who is ahead of you in life, whether that’s in exercise, business, school, etc. This will lead to constant let down, and ultimately, unhappiness.

What you need to do is start focusing on yourself, and your progress that you’ve personally made.

Where were you a week ago? Where are you today? How have you improved yourself?

If you have made personal progress… then keep doing what you are doing. But if you don’t see improvement in yourself, it’s time to make a change!

As simple as that.

But please, whatever you do, please don’t compare yourself to other people!

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