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Frustrated with Your Fat loss Progress? We have a Solution

There’s nothing more motivating and exciting then when you work really hard at something, and  see all of that hard work pay off.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go that way.

Hours of hard work (doing something that you may not even like to do) and not getting the result you wanted can be heartbreaking.
Instead of getting more motivated by your progress you had hoped to get, you feel like you’ve been spending your time, money, and energy staying the same or going backwards.

If this is happening to you, don’t worry… you are not stuck!
You have got to believe that there is always a way. And there is a way for you. But before we know which way to go, you’re going to need to ask yourself a few questions.

1. Am I doing everything I should be doing?
There is a difference between committing to something half way, and committing to something fully. For Fat Loss, there are a lot of people who start working out, but don’t make any nutrition changes. This will normally lead to some progress, but not nearly as quickly as you’d expect.

If this is you, COMMIT to making some small changes in your nutrition. It could be eating 3 meals a day, eating protein at each meal, or drinking half your body weight in OZ of water each day. Whatever it is, commit a little bit farther, and the results will start to come.

2. Am I consistent with what I am doing?
If you’ve been making changes in your nutrition, but aren’t consistent, you’re going to see some progress for a while. But once your body gets used to those new changes that you do every now and then, that progress will start to fade.

You NEED to get more consistent if you want to see more progress. If you focus on hitting your goals (3 meals a day, drinking half your body weight in water in OZ each day) about 90% of time, that is as consistent as you need to be.

3. YES, I’m doing the right things and I’m Consistent, But I’m Still Stuck and Not Seeing Progress. What Now?
If you have been doing the right things and been consistent about it, then you’ve probably seen a ton of progress over the past year. However, at one point or another, what got you your current results won’t get that last 20% of the results you’re looking for. You need to switch it up. If this is you, we are creating program specifically for you.

It will take whatever goal you have (Fat loss, muscle gain, etc) and help you REIGNITE your progress.

That’s why we call it just that “REIGNITE”.

It’s going to show you techniques that you can add into your current workout plan to help you get stronger.

It’s going to show you add ons to your nutrition that will help you burn fat more efficiently.

And it’s going to show you how to track that progress, without focusing on the scale.

It’s over 40% Off if you preorder it before Sunday Night… we’ll be releasing it July 24th!


If you haven’t plateaued yet, and find that you either aren’t doing the right things, or aren’t consistent, our IGNITE program is also in the works. It will give you everything you need to know about burning fat and getting stronger for beginners.

I hope you have a great weekend, and I’ll be in touch!

Hunter G.

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