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The idea to first create this program came when some of our long time members at our gym began to see their progress slow down or completely come to a stand still. Although they had seen large amounts of success previously, they were now seeing slower and slower progression in their goals. This phenomenon is a law at work that we call – The Law of Diminishing Returns. The Law of Diminishing Returns means that you can do the exact amount or work or even more, but the return you receive from that work starts to diminish.

Fortunately, in the world of exercise and nutrition, there are ways to overcome these diminishing returns, and Re-Ignite the progress that you were previously seeing. But before you are ready to Re-Ignite your progress, there’s a few hard-truths that I need to warn you about.

Hard Truth #1: The results you get are equivalent to the level you are playing at

When you first started working out, you probably immediately saw some amazing progress, or as we call it, “beginner gains”. Because of the drastic change in environment your body is exposed to when you first start working out (aka burpees, running, jumping, squatting, lifting heavy things, etc.) your body also changes quite a bit so you can perform those movements more efficiently. As your body adapts and starts to optimize for this exercise, your progress will start to slow down thanks to the Law of Diminishing Returns… However, before you fully accept that the Law of Diminishing returns has completely stopped your progress, you have to ask yourself…

Am I playing at my full potential? Am I truly giving it my all in my circuit training? Am I constantly challenging myself by overcoming fear and adding more weight to the bar. Am I following my nutrition guidelines I have set for myself at least 90% of the time? Am I stepping outside of my comfort zone every workout and every day?

If you can truthfully say yes to all of these, than this program is for you. If you cannot say this truthfully, that is okay. I recommend starting with our program Ignite (Coming Soon), which will show you everything you need to do to maximize your progress before you hit a true plateau.

If you want your body to look like you lift 300lbs, you have to lift 300lbs.

If you want your body to look like lean and toned, you have to eat lean and literally sculpt your muscle with progressive strength training.

Hard Truth #2: The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule is very similar to our new best friend, diminishing returns. If you have come to a true plateau, you are probably very close to 80% of your maximum potential. So far in reaching this 80%,  you have had put in about 20% of the total work needed to reach your full potential. To get the final 20%, you will have put in 80%  more work. When I say work, this includes: Time, energy, focus, and discipline. You have to decide if all of this extra effort that this will take is going to be worth it. You have to take into consideration your long term wants and needs. Your family, your career, and social life are all things to consider, because to reach your maximum potential, you will need to make some sacrifices. I had this text conversation with one of our members, Liz.

As you can see we were both expressing our love for guacamole in this text. Liz had seen some awesome results getting ready for her vacation, and nailing everything on the head. But it took time away from her family, and she felt like she was hyper-focusing. Liz is in a place where she wants exercise and nutrition to help improve her life, but not monopolize it. So, she eats lots of guac. She cheats more now. She still works out hard, sees some progress, but she has the clear expectation that for her to get washboard abs, she has to sacrifice something. Ask yourself, where are you at in your life, and what do you truly want?

But wait… there is some good news too!

Very few people, less than 1%… truly reach their full potential. And you don’t have to reach your full potential to be super happy with where you are at with your health, your energy, your strength, and your body. There are ways that we can still progress that won’t completely monopolize your life – and you can move in the right direction. There are a few more steps involved, but after testing and tweaking this with many of our members, we’ve found a solution to make this doable for you.

This is doable for a person who wants to have a social life, have awesome relationships with their families, and rock their careers.

We have taken all of the complexity out of it, and although you many not reach 100%, we can get you to 90 or even 95% in a sustainable way that you can love and adapt to.

I created this program because there is so much information out there, and it can seem so overwhelming. Let me tell you… it doesn’t just seem that way, it really is. As a trainer, I have tried to implement these same paralyzing techniques to reach my own goals and… it works, but it takes massive amounts of time, energy, and commitment. With my business, my girlfriend, and all of the fun stuff I like to do in my free time… I’m just not willing to give that up.

What you Measure Will Get Done

One of the hardest parts about making a transformation in your body is understanding that some days will seem like you go backwards. Some days you feel like you aren’t getting the progress you want. However, with the right plan, as long as you are consistent, we can predict your results. We can predict your results by tracking and measuring the habits you need to create. We are going to set you up with this score card so you can really celebrate the small successes of building healthy habits your life. By seeing your score on the scorecard, you will be able to get a forecast for your results to come. How cool is that?

If you are ready to take Re-Ignite your progress and take the bull by the horns – this is the program for you!

In the Re-Ignite program, you’ll receive:

  • Printable Habit Score Card Where you Can Track The New Habits You’ll Create to Break Through Your Plateau
  • Complete Nutrition Portion Guide Designed Specifically to Your Goals
  • Guide on How to Eat Differently on workout days vs rest days
  • Ultimate Recovery Video Course so you recover, prevent injury, and ultimately maximize the results you get from each workout.
  • Ultimate Recovery Cheat Sheet so you can take the program to the gym with you without having your phone out!
  • Super-Charge  Workout Video Course that will give you techniques to  add to your current workout so you challenge see more progress.
  • Super-Charge  Workout Cheat Sheet that you can keep with you so you never forget the add-ons while your at the gym!

Whether you’re looking to burn fat, build muscle, or both, everything in this program will help you take your progress past this sticking point.

This is an online digital program that will include video courses, printable pdfs, and audio that you can access from your computer, tablet, and phone. All you need is an internet connection, and the program can come with you!

This program will be released July 24th, but for 4th of July week, you can pre-order the course today for $29 (41% Off). When the program goes live on July 24th, the price will be $49.

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Say goodbye to your Plateaus 😉

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