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"Should You Lift Weights For Basketball?' Interview with 5'8 D1 Athlete Ben Teer

You’ve been lied to all along. Here is the truth about lifting weights and basketball.

In this video, Hunter Grindle of Hybrid Fitness Interviews former D1 Basketball Player Ben Teer.

The answer is quite simple. If you want to be an average player, than you should NOT lift weights.

You will be a perfectly good basketball player in high school if you don’t.

But if you want to take your game to the next level and physically dominate your opponent, then lifting weights is what you NEED to be doing.

It will not mess up your shot. (as long as you keep shooting while your on your lifting program)

It will not make you slow (it will actually make you more explosive).

It WILL: Help you stand you stand out among your team, attract scouts, make your parents, teammates, and coach proud, and will also (as a little bonus) turn the ladies heads.


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