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The Skill of Restarting

We’ve all had that time in our lives where everything is going perfect.

We have our perfect routine down. We’re getting enough sleep. Eating Good. Being Productive at our jobs…

But then out of no where, something hits us, out of our control – and that perfect routine quickly squanders into a memory of how good we “were” doing.

In fact, this really doesn’t happen just once.

It happens many times, throughout our life.

And at my ripe age of 21, each time I see this pattern repeat itself in myself and in the people I work with…

I feel like I get one step closer to cracking the code to ultimate consistency.

About a month ago, I had my perfect routine down. It consisted of waking up at 5:30, teaching my outdoor boot camp class, and coming back home immediately to make a big breakfast and writing an email.

I was prepacking 3-4 meals a day, getting 8-9 hours of sleep.

But before I knew it, I got drilled with a fever – and I’ve literally been sick for the past month.

Yes, I’m okay. My Lyme disease came back negative, and my fevers are gone.

But anyways…

My motivation went down the drain, so I stopped packing my meals… I stopped writing early in the morning when my brain was sharp, and now… I’m back to square one.

Except I’m not. I’ll never be back to square one.

Because this is not the first time this has happened to me, and I have learned a skill over the years (all 21 of them) that is going to get me right back to where I was.

This skill is called, “the skill of restarting”.

The skill of restarting comes into play when you get hit by a obstacle that changes your life so much that your daily routine goes out the door.

The better you are at restarting, the less time there is between that obstacle happening, and you getting back to your regular routine.

Here is the first time I’ve written some content since that obstacle hit me.

One month.


I had some days where I really was hard on myself.

I felt so unproductive and honestly… like a piece of shit.

But my eggs and oatmeal happened this morning… and I know it can for you too.

If you’re going through a tough time right now, try not to be hard on yourself.

I know it will happen – there’s no way around it… but instead – look at it as a challenge.

And also, look at it as an opportunity to improve your skill of restarting.

Because we all know that that obstacle will come again soon.

Do one thing today to bring your routine closer to where you want it to be, and you too, can have your eggs and oatmeal.

Have a great day,


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