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Happy Sunday Morning!

This morning I feel extremely grateful for the people who are in my life – although I’m not really thinking about that much at all. I’m not really thinking about anything, actually – which is very rare.

The lack of thought is due to a few things in my life right now – the warm weather, I’ve been doing what I know I should be doing, and finally solving some problems that have been poking at me for quite some time.

All the clutter seems to be gone.

But today I’m grateful for the people in my life because if it weren’t for others, I would not have the life I have.

I find the dynamic really interesting how people come together in the first place. Sometimes, you just cross paths and find common interests. Sometimes, you go to someone because you both have something the other wants.

This is how love works right? You look for someone who you love, who will give you love back.

Almost all relationships are transactional, no matter how you look at it – and even typing this I feel like I’m breaking some Taboo. “Hunter, are you serious? You’re relationships are transactional? You’re a horrible person!”

I say it because I think it really is the truth.

And that truth to me sounds like an amazing opportunity. Because there’s nothing I have found more joy in my life than being able to give something to someone that they really want.

More times than not, I’m able to give something to someone for nothing in return… just because I love to do it – and I love hearing a week, a month, or a year later how that made a difference for them.

I also really love it when I’m able to help someone, but also get something in return. Whether that is time, knowledge, money, or experience – It’s a real gift that I look forward to each day. It allows me to put food on the table and focus my day on my love of… helping people…..on a platform I get to chose.

I believe there are a lot of people out there who have amazing talents and skills who can change the world. I know quite a few actually. But they hamstring themselves because they have a hard time receiving the love back.. They view themselves as “slimy” if they take anything for their work.

Unfortunately, they end up having to do something for most of their day that they don’t like, in order put food on the table. This takes up so much time that they could otherwise be using to share their gift with the world.

I was reflecting back with my girlfriend Melissa this morning to when I first started my entrepreneurial journey in high school. It was watching an old video that I watched my junior year by a guy named Elliot Hulse.

He said there is a 3 step formula to doing what you love as your “non-job”.

1. Love Something
2. Share the Love
3. Receive it back

I wish more people learned about the “receiving it back” step. A lot of people sell themselves short. It’s not easy. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on coaches who have had to repeat this to me over and over because I have constantly under valued myself.

So, I have a a challenge for you today.

My challenge for you is:

Ask yourself – Where are you undervaluing yourself right now? How can you get back what you are worth?

Don’t sell yourself short. Take care of you.

When you take care of you, you can change the world in the way you want.

If you’d like, answer those questions and let me know the answers. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Have a great Sunday, and a great Holiday Weekend!

Hunter G.


I mentioned in the first paragraph I’ve finally been doing some things I’ve been procrastination on. I’m finally keeping my goal journal. It’s my new morning ritual that starts the day off by filling my mind with my dreams, vs other junk that could be dropped in otherwise. Give it a try!

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