Unlock Your Potential

To reach your goals, there are 4 simple steps:

  1. Decide What You Want
  2. Take Massive Action
  3. Recognize Whats Working and Whats Not Working
  4. Change Your Approach If It’s Not Working

The reason why most people don’t see the amount of success they’d like in their life is because they are not precise and exact on what they truly want. When it comes to identifying what you want for your health and body, it’s also important to be as specific as possible.

By being as specific as possible, we are able to model others who have done what we want, or have what we want already. If your direction is not clear, then it will be unclear on who to follow, or what set of directions to take.

So first off, before we get started, I want you to decide now, what exactly do you want? I want you to go all out with this. Don’t hold back! Write down on a piece of paper in your notebook right now, what is it that you want to achieve?

Do you want to be at 20% Body Fat? Do you want to Bench Press 135lbs? How about climb a huge mountain, or run a half-marathon! Maybe you want to fit into an old pair of jeans you used to wear! In your journal now, write down everything you want for your health, and don’t hold back.

Pick things that are going to get you excited! What is going to get you up early in the morning, and keep you up late at night? Take 5 minutes to go through this exercise.

Choosing Your Destiny

Now that you’ve written down everything you would like to accomplish, I want you to circle the #1 thing that is most important to you!

What you may find is that this single goal may actually incorporate these other goals within it. What I mean is, by pursuing just one of these goals, you will actually end up reaching a lot of your other goals that you didn’t circle along the way!


Now, underneath your circled goal, I want you to imagine…

When this goal becomes my reality, what are 5 things that would positively change in my life?

List them off!

How would you carry yourself if you achieved your goal?

What new experiences would you be able to have?

How would it affect those around you who you care about?

Taking Massive Action

Now that we are clear on exactly what you want, it’s time to make massive action. This is where a large percentage of people drop off for a number of reasons.

  1. They don’t know where to start

Not knowing where to start can be frustrating! What happens here for most is they want the perfect plan. Let me tell you, there is never a single perfect plan. There are too many factors that go into it! In your notebook, write down 3 very simple daily actions that you can start taking today that will move you towards your goal. When we get to the nutrition coaching later on, we can also give you a plan for whatever direction you’d like to go in!

2. Afraid of Change

Change can be scary, and I understand that. A lot of us associate change with pain, and are focused more on what we may lose instead of what we can potentially gain! Lets leverage that fear.

Any action we ever take take is based off of our decisions. Our decisions are based on our feelings, and our feelings are based off of our thoughts and how we communicate with ourselves.

Therefore, we need to change our self talk to change our actions!

Instead of telling ourselves what we may lose if we pursue this goal, ask yourself:

  1. What consequences will their be if I don’t pursue and reach my goal?
  2. What consequences have I already suffered from by not attaining my goal?
  3. Who will be negatively impacted if I don’t achieve my goal?

Write all of your answers down on a piece of paper!

3. Mixed Emotions

A lot of us adopt beliefs from a very early age from experiences we have or from things we are told from authority. These beliefs will control the language we have when communicating with ourselves. For example, if you have a true belief that, “there is always a way”, you will take action to find a way not matter what. In contrast, if you have a strong belief that, “if things are meant to be then they will happen”, then you will let things play out on their own, and not take any action.

Therefore, our beliefs have a big impact on if we take action or not. Even taking no action is taking an action!

Sometimes we have beliefs that conflict with each other. For example:

Let’s say Bob wanted to become very wealthy. Bob has two beliefs.

Bob knows that having more money would give his family financial security. He could move his family to a better neighborhood, and he could take his family on vacations twice a year.

But growing up in school, Bob had a classmate that was snobby, selfish, and was a showoff. This classmate also happened to come from very wealthy family. The classmate would flaunt his designer clothes, was inconsiderate to other people, and was just unpleasant to be around.

Bob associates having lots of money with both of those things. He now thinks that if he becomes wealthy, people will think he is selfish and a showoff!

A lot of the times, we have experiences in our lives that cause exaggerated generalizations to be our beliefs! These are called false associations!

What are some of the false associations you have you goal?

Write them down!

Then, write complete opposite of what that false association was!

Bob would write, “People who have lots of money are humble, very pleasant and are able to help others more!”

Go ahead, do this for your false associations, and you’ll feel much better about fully committing to your goals!

4. Lack of Confidence

Think back to the last time you reached your goal. Maybe it was to get a certain job, or to do an activity. How did you feel when you reached your goal? Accomplished? Exhilarated? Take a moment to realize that you have been here before, and have reached your goals. Close your eyes and go back to that moment when you reached your goal. What did it feel like?

You can do this!

Recognize Whats Working and Whats Not Working and Change Your Approach If It’s Not Working

We will help you take care of these things. One thing you’ll want to understand is sometimes what works in the beginning doesn’t always work the same way. By working with hundreds of people, we know what works and what doesn’t, and when it stops working, we’ll know the changes you need to make! This is all going to be in the Tactics section!