Tracking Your Progress

3 Ways to Track Your Progress:

  1. Weekly Weigh Ins
  2. Bi-Weekly Measurements
  3. Monthly Pictures

1. Weight (Once per Week)

We recommend weighing yourself once a week, in the morning, after going to the bathroom and completely naked. Also make sure you ALWAYS use the same scale!

2. Progress pictures (Once Per Month)

There are 5 parts of taking these photos:
1. Clothing and location. Dressed in a swimsuit, or small pair of shorts and
fitted/revealing top like a sports bra, stand against a bare wall.
2. Camera setup. Set up your camera about 5-7 feet away from you so that it can
capture your whole body from head to toe. You can use a tripod or have a friend
snap the photo.
3. Lighting. Make sure the room is well-lit and that you use the flash when taking
your photo. However, make sure there isn’t a ton of overhead light; you don’t want
to cast shadows.
4. Write it down. Write down exactly how you took the before pictures
(camera settings, lighting conditions, how far away the camera was, etc.). This
will help you duplicate the same conditions in the future.
5. Three photos. Take 3 total photographs: one of your front side, one of your
left side and one of your back side.

3. Girth Measurements (Every 2 Weeks)

We want to take measurements from the following 7 areas on our bodies. We want to take these in Centimeters! The best equipment for this is a sewing measuring tape found at any Walmart for $1. Take 2-3 measurements at each spot and then take the average (to account for error)

4. Submit Your Photos/Numbers

Send Over Your Photos/Measurements/Weights Each Week, Every 2 weeks, or every month to with the title: “Your Name” Measurements