Lose 1 Pound Per Week Method

Lose 1lb Per Week Method

How we get real, long-lasting fat loss via nutrition at Hybrid Fitness

Welcome to Hybrid Fitness’s Fat Loss Nutrition Program, the “Lose 1 Pound Per Week Method”.

This program has already helped dozens of men and women lose 1lb per week consistently, in a way that has integrated well into their life, but not taken over their life.

Our philosophy behind this program is simple. We want to create real, long-lasting results that you can maintain for the rest of our lives.

Everything we do in Hybrid Fitness, nutrition or exercise, is programmed so that it is something you can maintain for your entire life.

Why would we want to do anything otherwise?

You can be sure starting this program that you will develop habits that, in time, will become second nature.

With that said, creating new habits isn’t an easy thing, and will take a fair amount of effort on your part.

However, if you do put in the effort (which is less that you think), you will benefit from the physical, mental, and emotional results that other men and women just like you have come to benefit from.

This nutrition program is broken up into (2) levels, Level 1 and Level 2.

You can begin with level 1, and once you have moved to level 3 of each daily habit, you can add in the level 2 nutrition program to your practice!

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