Beautiful U Online Module 3


Welcome to Module #3.

So far, in the last two modules, we’ve done the following:

  1.  Identified Your Top Motivators and Goals (5,6, and 7)
  2. Created 3 Actions you can take to get want you want (That aren’t nutrition related)
  3. Visualized what will happen if we take those actions, and what will happen if we don’t. These were important because they bring emotion into us which will ultimately help us take action.

So now, we are clear on what we want.

That’s excellent, because the first step in changing your life is being specific on what you want.

Now that we are clear on what you want, it’s time for the next step…


There are few things that people can bottled up on when taking action, so lets take a few minutes to address a few of the potential roadblocks we need to look out for.

  1. “I Don’t Know Where to Start”

You can check this box off. You may have been at this point – but you reached out to this program to help you give the tools to get started, and take action. Lets move to the next one.

2. Afraid of Change

Being afraid of change is very normal. One strategy to eliminate or at least suppress this fear is to become more afraid of what will happen if you don’t change.

When we went through our visions the other day – we made this happen.

3. Mixed Emotions / Beliefs

A lot of us have adopted beliefs that we were taught at a young age by authority figures (parents, teachers, coaches, etc.) that may not actually be “true”.

Some of us even know that these beliefs aren’t necessarily set in stone or correct, they still affect us because the are almost ingrained in our brains.

Sometimes, these “limiting beliefs” will clash against our goals, making it hard for us to actually reach our goals.

In order for us to reach our goals as efficient as possible, we want to identify these limiting beliefs in ourselves.

Here are a few examples:

My lovely mother has had a the goal to improve her health by dropping some weight.

However, growing up, she didn’t have a lot of money and had a lot of brothers and sisters.

If she didn’t completely clean her plate, she would:

  1. Lose it to her hungry brothers
  2. Be looked at as wasteful and ungrateful

Therefore, my mom always clears her plate (because if she doesn’t, she feels like she is ungrateful)

She never wastes anything. In fact, I have picked up her habit of cleaning my plate all the time. Thank god for my fast metabolism.

Do you see how her belief and her goal collide?

Here’s another example:

When I was just a young child, maybe 6 years old…

I was in our basement playing with my GI Joe action figure.

My mom wanted me to go upstairs for some reason, and I said,


My mom then replied saying, “You can’t always have what you want.”

I’ve remembered that to this day, and I’ve made it my conviction to make sure I always have what I want, when I want, and with whoever I want it with.

If I didn’t have that conviction to do the opposite of what my mother said to me when I was six years old, it would hold me back from reaching my personal, relationship, and business goals.

Take a second to take out a piece of scrap paper.

I want you to write down every belief that you have that conflicts with your goals, or that you find limiting to that belief.

Once you create your beliefs, on another piece of paper, I want you to write out the opposite of each of those beliefs.

For example, I would write:

“I can have everything I want.”

or my Mother would say,

“If there is food on my plate and I am done eating, I am being respectful of my body”.

Now take the scrap paper of the limiting belief.

Crumple it up, and throw it as far as you can!

Now, we have started the process of adopting a new belief. We have identified the limiting belief, gotten rid of it, and replaced it with a new belief that will support us with our goals.

Now moving forward, we need to make sure we reinforce this belief, which will be a part of your homework.

4. Lack of Confidence

The final reason people fail to tack massive action is because they lack the required confidence.

Sometimes taking on chance can be very overwhelming.

Maybe you’ve tried to reach this goal before and you have “failed”.

You never failed because you didn’t give up.

Failing only comes when you don’t try again, and here you are 🙂

I want you to think back to something you struggled with in the past.

How did you feel?

What obstacles did you have?

You got through it.

You have been through difficult times before.

You have done it before, and you can absolutely do it again.


You know what you want.

You know what to do.

You have visualized the consequences of action and inaction.

And now you know what roadblocks to look out before before you take action.

Now, it’s time to take action.

But one last thing.

While we are taking action – we have to make sure we never lose sight of those things.

Here is what I want you to do when you wake up and before you go to bed each day.

Have a journal beside your bed.

Write what your 5, 6, and 7 are down.

Then write the 3 actions you need to take to reach them.

And write your newly made belief statement underneath it.

This will give you power, and keep your future fresh in your mind 🙂

Before you know it, it will be here.