Beautiful U Online Module 2


After meeting #1, there were a few takeaways we had that seemed like priorities for everyone partaking in the program. The three main priorities were:

  1. How to prioritize yourself
  2. How to eat right for nutrition goals
  3. How to stick to your new habits

So far, we’ve identified your surface reasons of why you wanted to join this program.

We’ve also identified the deeper reasons.

We also know how to achieve your deepest goals without improving your eating habits at all. (thanks to the exercise we did last module identifying three things you can do to reach your 5,6, and 7.)

We will focus on the first priority you had in today’s lesson – and that is to prioritize yourself.

We are going to give you strategies to help you create the time for yourself to actually follow through with those 3 actions.

But first, I want you to ask you a question.

Are you busy?

Of course you are!

But you still managed to hop onto this program and read through this didn’t you?

Why do you think you did that?

You are busy, you don’t have time to spend 45 minutes reading this stuff!

It’s because you are:

  • In pain of some sort and are feeling intense emotion
  • You invested your money
  • You told me and probably someone else you were doing this
  • This may apply here online, or it may not, but you may have blocked this off in your schedule.

It one or more of these things to get you to take action. To take time out of your busy day to hop on here.

We are going to use these same four action catalysts to help you take action in your 3 actions to reach your 5,6, and 7.

We want to use your problems and your pain to your advantage. Its easy to run from them. Lets take them on full force. Lets take full ownership on what could happen if we keep going down the road you are going.

Take a few minutes to write down everything that can wrong if you don’t take those 3 actions consistently. 

What would it mean for your family? You kids? Yourself?

Really dig deep here. What path will you take?

Do you feel that? What do you feel?

It takes owning our emotions to feel them fully. Our emotions control our thoughts, and our thoughts determine our actions.

Now, I want you to envision, what would happen if you did those three actions consistently for a month? How about for 3 months. What about a year?

Write this vision down.

What experiences would you have? What trips would you go on. What type of relationships would you cultivate?

Now, you have the emotion. We have elevated your pain, and heightened your pleasure.

There HAS to be emotion behind everything you do. In order to be motivated on the spot, we have to have  way that will the emotions you are feeling now.

What I want you to do is find a basic video editing or slideshow tool. I want you to find pictures that represent your 5,6,7. Both from the positive and the negative vision.

Voice record you reading your visions. While you negative vision photos are playing, have your negative vision voice over playing in the background.

Then, do the opposite!

Take your positive photos and overlay your positive vision.

Take this slideshow and download it on your phone. If you ever need motivation, watch it.

It will bring emotions into that what jump you right into action.


Number two on the list was to invest money. Well hey, you invested money in this course… so that part is taken care of! That is motivation! The pain of exchanging your money and then not taking action is more painful that the alternative! Way to leverage yourself!

Number three on the list was that you probably told somebody you were doing this. Tell as many people what your 3 actions are that you need to take. That way, if you don’t take them, you’re a liar. Nobody wants to be a liar.

Finally, Number four on the list is make your actions calendar events. Literally block off these 3 actions into your daily schedule. You would do it for a doctors appointment, so why not this?!

To finish off your lesson today, here’s what I want you to do for homework:

  1. Refine and complete your positive and negative vision we talked about
  2. Schedule each of your actions once over the next 5 days into your calendar or planner.

See you in the next lesson!