Beautiful U Online Module 1


About 2 years ago, my sister and her friend Michelle asked me if I could train them a couple times a week to get them ready for a tough mudder.

Now by no means were they Olympic Athletes or Marathon Runners. In fact, they had probably run @ most 3 miles at one time.

If you didn’t know, the tough mudder is a half marathon (12 miles) with obstacles where you get electrocuted. You jump off of cliffs and dive into ice cold water. Its so tough that they have to offer free beer @ the end of the course to get people to actually sign u.

So Michelle and my sister Torey asked me,

“Can you train us to get ready for this in 3 month?”

I said… why not!

Now its important to understand where my sister and Michelle were at at this point. They had both lost around 100lbs or more… but probably had another 50 to 100lbs to go.

After working out 2x / week at 5:30am, 2x / week at another bootcamp class, and running on their own… after tearing a calf muscle, and running straight for just under 6 hours, my Sister, Michelle, and I crossed the finish line with beer in hand. We had done it. We were all pumped, we felt like bad asses. And then… we crashed.

After laying on the grass for 30 minutes, I thought to myself…

“Holy shit, we have to do this again next year!”.

Following that tough mudder, they struggled to get back to the gym for a few weeks. Between recovering from injuries and building up motivation to get back at it, they had some setbacks. They were on and off from that point on, having their consistencies and inconsistencies.

Then the tough mudder came again the next year, and when 2 months before, that consistency kicked back it!

We then completed the tough mudder agian, so the cycle repeats itself.


You can have what you want and do whatever you want as much as you want even if you aren’t perfect.

Torey and Michelle were inconsistent for the entire year BUT at the end of the day they still reached their goal of finishing the tough mudder!

Now I have a question to ask you.

Why do you think they were most successful and committed around the tough mudder?

They were more committed because it was easier.

They had a mission. They were clear on what they wanted. They knew exactly what they needed to do to complete their mission. And they did it.

LIFE is much harder than a tough mudder.

A tough mudder you only have to show up one day out of the year.

Life is every single day… and it keeps going on and on.

Life is a lot life a tough mudder, however, and if you’re lacking in any of the steps, you may not make it to the beer at the end.

  1. Most people lack a clear mission or goal in life
  2. Those who do have a clear goal do not always know what to do to reach it
  3. Those who have a clear mission and know how to get there often have trouble sticking to and following through with the plan

Over the next 6 weeks, you and I together are going to discover where you are on that spectrum, and from there help you get on a consistent, sustainable path to having the health and the life you dream of having.

This is NOT a nutrition program.

We will of course give you the tactics, but remember, its not about the arrow, its the Indian!

This is a Life Transformation Blueprint.

I have used it for myself. I have used it with my clients. And now, I will show you how you can transform your life as well.

So… lets go back and look at the times where Torey and Michelle weren’t successful.

It was when their goal was so far away and so far in the distance that they were inconsistent.

Do you feel that way right now?

If you watch the video above, you’ll see that some people raise their hand to say they feel that way right now.

The reason they raised their hand is because they have a mission but they don’t know how to get there.

Those who don’t feel like its far in the distance normally have a clear mission, have a plan, but have trouble sticking to it.

If they didn’t raise their hand and that didn’t apply to either… well they probably don’t have a clear mission.

So where are you right now?

One way we can start, no matter where you are now, is get SUPER clear on whats important to you.

Only once we are 100% clear on what we want can we give you a plan and make your goals seem attainable.

I would like you to take the time, if you haven’t already, to go up to the video and listen to people’s stories.

Why were they interested in joining this program?

I think you’ll find that you are not the only one with the problems you have.

One thing I want to stress here is that we are not going to be treating the symptoms of your problems. We are going straight to the source.

My mentor Paul Reddick told me, “All Progress Begins with Truth”.

So let’s be truthful to ourselves here.

We are all FUCKED up in one way or another. If you don’t think you are, then you are really fucked up.

Want I want you to do is write down all of the reasons why you wanted to join this program.

Go ahead and do that.

Now, I want you to pick the most important one.


Now ask yourself why thats important to you.

You can watch this demoed in the video above.

Be very specific, and avoid broad words.

Remember, we have to be VERY clear on what we want to be successful.

Go down 7 Levels.

Your 6 and your 7 are the REAL reasons why you want to do this.

Now, I want you to think of 3 things other than nutrition that you can do today that can help you get those things!

Write it down!

We’ll need this information for the next lesson.