Fat Burner Friday #2: "Goblet Squats" Kettlebell Exercise and "Heel Touches"

Fat Burner Friday #2: “Goblet Squats” Kettlebell Exercise and “Heel Touches”

You’ve been learning about recovery all week, now it’s time for a new fat-burning workout!

In this video, Hunter Grindle of Hybrid Fitness shows you the weekly fat-burner workout, which includes goblet kettlebell squats and heel touches.

Workout Description:
5 Rounds
Goblet Squats: 30 seconds each round
Heel Touches: 30 seconds each round

If you don’t try out new exercises on a weekly basis, you will not trigger every muscle that you should and will even get bored of the same exercises over time.

It WILL: give you a new exercise that will burn fat quick and strengthen your core, along with your glutes and legs.

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