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Why is my trainer happy that I’m not at the gym?

When I broke the news to Hunter that I was going to miss class because I would be out of town, he was so happy for me. I joke about my perfect attendance when I sign in at the gym, but my commitment to wellness, all kidding aside, is a priority. I’m not just a fair-weather exerciser. So when I lamented I’d be missing class because I was traveling I was surprised by his response. “Great,” he said, “Go do what you love.” My first response was, “Aren’t you disappointed I won’t be keeping up with my workouts this week?” And he simply reminded me, “Dorrie, you don’t come to the gym to come to the gym.” What a simple, brilliant, statement.

I don’t come to the gym to come to the gym.

Like any of us, I come to the gym for all sorts of reasons, many of which support my mission to be healthy so I am able to give to my community and to live a full life. This month at Hybrid Fitness we are talking about why we do things, so I wanted to take a look at the exercises I do and why I do them. I don’t just deadlift so I can walk around town and deadlift. That would be weird! All of these movements improve my overall strength which in turn support me in being able to give the most of myself and have a full life. Of course I love the big, complex movements and the measurable gains of the isolated movements, but today I want to talk about what keeps it all together-the core. This is the foundation of our exercise regimen.

What is our core?

Our core is made up of a series of muscle groups, including the upper and lower abdominals, internal and external obliques, lower back muscles, hip flexors, pelvic floor, and I like to include on my list, the powerful glutes.

Why is core strength important?

These muscles provide a framework of support for our inner organs; they protect our back; and a strong core improves balance and stability; promotes better posture; and lessens our risk of injury. We don’t just need a strong core to be able to protect our back or have balance at the gym. A strong core helps us shovel snow, carry groceries, help an injured pet, carry bags of mulch for the garden, hike a mountain, put a suitcase in the overhead compartment, tie our shoes, cross the deck of a moving sailboat, or hold a child in our arms. A strong core impacts our lives every day.

How do we strengthen our core?

The following core movements are the favorite five at Hybrid Fitness. These are all body weight exercises. If you find that you might miss a week at the gym because you are off doing what you love, you can always do these core strengthening exercises on your own.

  1. Plank- targets the upper and lower abdominals and the glutes
  2. Russian Twist- targets the obliques
  3. Superman- targets the glutes and lower back
  4. Dead bug- targets the pelvic floor and promotes hip stability
  5. Glute bridge- targets the hip flexors, the pelvic floor, and fires up the glutes

While I don’t have to know all the what, why, and how of the exercises, I think it helps. Giving your body the cues to engage certain muscles sets up a pathway from your brain to the muscles in a way that supports them. Paying attention to building your core through these movements helps you put the extra effort and intention into those twists or lifts rather than just going through the motions. Knowing why your core muscles matter for you can help keep you motivated to do these motions as much as knowing why you come to the gym. Remember you don’t just do planks to do planks, and you don’t just come to the gym to come to the gym.


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How to Get Fit Without it Taking Over Your Life

Good morning!

I had a powerful talk with one of our members at the gym the other day.

She’s a busy mom of two who loves to workout, but struggles to come consistently to the gym more than 3x a week.

She felt because she wasn’t able to come 4x a all the time that she wasn’t pushing herself and wasn’t motivated.

Now, we all have our ruts, but this person in particular I know fairly well and motivation is not her issue.

She had come from a previous gym environment that was about working out as much as you can – and working out for the sake of just working out.

Knowing her goals, I explained to her that:

1. Adding extra sessions to her week could actually be hurting her progress


2. The whole reason she is working out in the first place is so she can have better relationships with her family

I only knew the second part from previous conversations – but its important to know what your goals are because if you don’t, you could end up putting in some hard work and going no where.

Yes losing weight is a goal.

Toning up is a goal.

But those are surface level.

What do you REALLY want?

Why do you want to lose weight?

Why do you want to feel better?

What happens when you feel better?

When your’re in a better mood, how does that improve your life?

By asking yourself these questions, you’ll figure out pretty quick that you aren’t just working out to lose weight.

When you identify your deepest goal – then you can start building a plan that integrates working out with your family, your hobbies, and your job.

In our free goal setting sessions at Hybrid Fitness with people looking to join our classes for the first time, we help you do all of this for free. We’ll walk you through each step and give you a clear vision for what your life can look like without overwhelming you.

If you would like to setup a session with us, shoot as an email and we can set it up!

On the flipside, if you’d like to go all in with understanding what makes you tick, and ultimately being to take control of your life so you can stick to your health goals (or any goals by that matter), we have 7 spots left in Beautiful U, our nutrition / personal development challenge starting April 14th.

To learn more about this visit

Whether you’re interested in these or not…

Go deep. What do you really want?

What is your Why?

And you can get your workouts in, without it taking over your life.

Have a Fantastic Friday!

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How I Used a Couch to Motivate Myself

Good Morning!

The past few months I have been reflecting on myself and really taking the time to uncover, “Who is Hunter Grindle?”

As my mentor once told me, “Success always begins with Truth“.

The hard part about discovering who are and what you want is that it always changes.

I needed to take this time to reflect because I was feeling unaligned with what I was doing, not as happy as I thought I should be, and extremely unmotivated.

So, I started adding and removing activities from my day to see if I could get that motivation and drive back.

I love what I do, but Id just been burning the candle from both ends for too long.

One test that I recently ran was scheduling one day a week (during the work week) where I don’t come to the gym at all.

I scheduled Brandon and Susan for all of the classes, and I stayed home.

I slept in.

Cooked myself a great breakfast.

I sat on my couch and played some video games.

And then worked.

Basically, I dedicated my entire morning to myself.

I found that by the end of the morning, I was being pulled to my computer to work. I was inspired. I was CRAVING working on Hybrid Fitness.

This is a motivation I hadn’t had in over a month.

What did it take?

Giving myself ME TIME. It took me doing the things I always want to do but can’t find the time to do.

And as soon as I did those things, I was itching to get back to my work!

Give this strategy a try for yourself.

What are the things you wish you could do each day but don’t have the time. How can you schedule them in once a week?

You’ll feel good about yourself, and you’ll be motivated to do the tasks that take willpower!

On a similar note, next week at Hybrid Fitness we are running a 6 Week Nutrition Challenge Called “Beautiful U“.

What’s different about this challenge is… yes we will give you the nutrition strategies it takes to reach your health goals.. (but a lot of you already know how to eat healthy). What we’re really going to focus on is how to help you get started and stick to those strategies for the long term.

We will be working on you, and helping you find what makes you tick.

There are only 8 spots left, for more details and to sign up if you’re interested, you can check out this link:

Have a Terrific Thursday!


We also adopted a cat yesterday from the Shelter! His name is Montgomery (we call him Monty). Now there are two tuxedo cats in the house! #classy

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On Being a Beginner

Midcoast Maine hikes
View from weekly walk up Beech Hill

Hi everyone! I thought I’d give you a little background on how I came to be a guest blogger for Hybrid Fitness. About a year ago I invited Hunter to join me on my weekly walk. I use this time to clear my head and get some fresh air. He joined me, and now my walk is our walk. Our conversations meander from business advice, to personal development, to fitness, to general wellness. We talk about books we are reading, ideas, goals, relationships, challenges, and I always try to leave him with a little nugget of wisdom. It was only a matter of time before he decided he wanted to start sharing some of these nuggets of wisdom with all of you. It didn’t seem quite right that he kept them all to himself. Hunter is a big fan of the live camera, as we all know, and he’s a big fan of pushing me outside my comfort zone. One day he put the camera on me and said, “Let’s go live on Facebook!” What?! I’m not a Let’s Go Live kind of person. As an introvert, I’m a listener, and I think A LOT. I am not shy, but I do not perform, or give on-demand wisdom. Going live is not my style, but I agreed that some of the things we talk about and I think about might be interesting to all of you. He’s always thinking of ways to enrich everyone’s experience at Hybrid Fitness, and so our compromise for the past few months has been the Weekly Thought from Dar. I take a picture and share on Facebook one insight from that week with the hope of bringing you a new perspective, a challenge to grow on your path to the best version of you. Given that platform, I realized there’s so much more to share. Hunter and I agreed that these little nuggets of wisdom could be expanded to blog style articles with more depth.

It’s not easy for me to put my thoughts out there, but this community is the perfect venue. We all come to Hybrid Fitness because it is judgment-free. We are supportive and encouraging of one another. So while I am not going “live”, I am outside my comfort zone (another win for Hunter). I hope to bring you quality content for your own personal development, while sharing a little of my story. I am not an authority on any given topic, but I am passionate about wellness, including fitness and nutrition. Over the next few months you will learn more about me, but more importantly, by bringing you information about wellness, fitness, and nutrition, hopefully you will learn more about you.

And now what you came here for…the weekly thought from Dar…

“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.” –Meister Eckhart

It takes courage to be new to something. We reach our adult lives and most of us have become professionals in a field, or we have our routines that are really familiar. Being a beginner is uncomfortable and unfamiliar. When we walk into a new place, a new job, a first date, or the weight room at the gym, it can be a little scary. Try to remember in the midst of that fear, that it is never as scary as it seems. We’ve all survived the scariest, newest times in our lives. That’s how we got here, right? On the other side of the beginning, all of the new possibilities are waiting for you. In anything you do, you are a beginner first. What possibilities will be open to you if you let yourself be a beginner again?

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Learn To Make Sacrifices for YOURSELF

While sleep and free time are good, there are always things you can do instead to make yourself happier. Learn how to make these sacrifices.

In this video, Hunter Grindle of Hybrid Fitness discusses a recent night he had where he learned how to make certain sacrifices to better himself and make himself happier.

Not only will this better yourself, but it will improve your relationships with the people that matter most to you. —- More Training Videos, Workouts, and Content!


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Courage is essential to achieving your goals, whether they may be fitness goals, career goals, etc. It is important YOU know how to obtain YOUR courage,

In this video, Hunter Grindle of Hybrid Fitness reminds you to have courage in your life, and the importance it has to achieving your goals every day.

Having no courage will make you refrain from reaching out and making it possible to better yourself.

It helps give you the drive needed to not let your body take and over and inhibit you from improving. —- More Training Videos, Workouts, and Content!


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Are You Cool, Calm, and Collected?

Life will face you with challenges that stress you mentally and physically, You may even be going through one right now. How will you face it?

In this video, Hunter Grindle of Hybrid Fitness talks about staying cool, calm, and collected through difficult situation in life, whether they are at work, at school, in the gym, etc.

These challenges are unavoidable, and you have to ask yourself; will I let it break me or will I face it in a collected manner to power through it? —- More Training Videos, Workouts, and Content!


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Look To YOURSELF To Get Out Of A Rut

People always look outward for guidance through a tough time, but it’s time you start looking INWARD.

In this video, Hunter Grindle of Hybrid Fitness motivates and teaches you how to cope through a tough time, whatever it may be.

You can look outward for other people’s guidance during a tough time, but the person who can make the biggest impact is YOU. —- More Training Videos, Workouts, and Content!


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Tactic Tuesday #3: "How Much Eye Contact During A Conversation?"

Tactic Tuesday #3: “How Much Eye Contact During A Conversation?”

We are social beings. So it is time for you to learn how to socialize much more effectively using only your eyes!

In this video, Hunter Grindle of Hybrid Fitness tells you how much eye contact you should have with someone during a conversation.

Too much eye contact will make the person scared of you, while little or no eye contact will make the person feel very distant with your conversation.

It WILL: make you a better talker, seem more friendly, and make people listen to you more. —- More Training Videos, Workouts, and Content!


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Weekly Challenge Monday #3: "How To Stay Focused On Your Goals"

Weekly Challenge Monday #3: “How To Stay Focused On Your Goals”

Our biggest setback to our goals is losing focus of them. Learn how to not lose sight of what you want!

In this video, Hunter Grindle of Hybrid Fitness discusses how you can keep focused on the goals that you strive towards each week.

Losing sight of your goals can lead you to never accomplishing them, and may cause you to keep creating more goals without the intent to complete them.

It WILL: keep you focused and motivated on the things that you really want to change about yourself. —- More Training Videos, Workouts, and Content!